About Us

Welcome to the best resources for entrepreneurs that gives tips to those aspiring individual start their own business. I and Steven started this site to say our story on how we started. And inspire people to face any hardship a business may give and how to have a successful business. With our failure and success, we share the best entrepreneur blogs that will allow them to read and have more ideas. This site started in the year 2009 with one purpose is to share our knowledge about business. Also, with our journey, people will understand how hard and fun to be part of the business industry.


The goal of this site is to help and inspire as many other entrepreneurs as we are. Another goal of our site is to give them understanding that with our own business we have more time with our family. And we can do other things that will allow us to grow more. And be happy with our family almost every day.


After we develop this site we allow ourselves to be open more to people to share our experience. And keep on studying to get into other fields of business to give more inspiration to our viewers. Moreover, with this study, we are able to make our viewer be more productive. Able to give themselves a room to a new adventure in the business industry. So that they will not be afraid to enter into other fields of business that they want to start. For this reason, they can accept the failure and can stand for the new beginning of life in business. Also, other content that we have is some topic about self-growth and socialization. To know their personality so that they can able to have a plan that will meet the needs of them.